Ayurvedic medicines are adulterated using pesticides | Hindi

Once Ayurvedic medicines were considered to be the most effective medicines for all kinds of diseases, but nowadays ayurvedic medicines are not as effective as in olden days. Do you know what happened to Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic medicines are now adulterated. Yes, this is what happened to Ayurveda. Adulterated in the sense, they are added with preservatives. Now what is this preservative? Preservatives are something that is used to protect the medicines (preservatives are also used in almost all food items) from getting spoiled. But how is this medicine spoiled. We can say when bacteria, virus, or fungus enters into the medicine and when they grow in it, the medicine is said to be spoiled. So to protect the medicine from spoiling, the bacteria, virus and fungus inside the medicine should be killed. To kill these germs preservatives are used. So what should we call this preservative? Of course pesticides or insecticides because chemicals that are used to kill or destroy any unwanted insects or germs are to be called insecticides or pesticides. We know that some preservatives are government approved; but does that make any sense?

There are natural preservatives and synthetic preservatives. Of course preservatives were used from olden days but they were natural preservatives like salt, vinegar, lemon etc. But today chemicals are used in the name of preservatives. There is no doubt of these chemicals will do harm to our body.

Ayurvedic medicines are said to be prepared by traditional medics (Vaidyan) and that to be in small quantities because if ayurvedic medicines are made in large scale it is sure that the quality of the medicine will be lost. But today ayurvedic medicines are prepared by companies and that too in big scale. Then how can these medicines assure quality and effectiveness! Thus ayurvedic medicines fail to cure diseases and relieve symptoms.