Doctor’s Commission in Medical Field | Mohanan Vaidyar

Doctors play an important role in our life; there is no doubt about this. But the question that arises today is whether that role is of a hero or a villain.

Yes the medical system has become a business oriented programme just to make money. The sad thing is that doctors who are responsible to save life have also become a part of this movement.  Actually saying the doctors play a major role in looting common people. Obviously there are doctors who are absolutely sincere to their profession. But almost 80 percentages of doctors are cheating themselves, their profession and the common people who trust and depend on these doctors completely.

For a common man, when they reach a hospital for a treatment, they directly come in touch with the hospital staffs and the doctors. The patient and his relatives completely believe and trust the doctor. Their hope is upon the doctor. They believe that whatever the doctor does is for the benefit of the patient because 99 percentages of common people is unaware of the medical procedures, medical terms etc. etc. But the fact is that nowadays doctors are more interested in filling their pockets rather than recovering their patients.

The best example for this is the commission they are getting from the pharmaceutical companies. Some doctors are getting up to 60 percentage of commission. So the doctors are prescribing medicines according to the depth of commission they are getting and not on the basis of the disease the patient is affected by. Now fridge, television, and car all these are out of fashion, the companies are offering tour packages for whole family outside country or house plots to the doctors.

Another part of their income is the commission getting from laboratories. The tests will be done in a lab that is prescribed by a doctor. After all they take money from the patients too.