Previous Birth (gaye janam) and Body Language explained by Mohanan Vaidyar

Our body has two languages, one is the language of hunger and other is the language of pain. If you can understand these languages then your body will always be healthy. When you hear this you will think it is very easy to understand. But understanding these languages is very difficult. The proof is the diseases that we see around us.

Hunger and pain are the most important signs shown by body. Why we feel hungry? Obviously hunger shows the need of body. So to fulfil the need food is taken. So it is very clear that food should be taken in when the body asks for it. But think yourself; when you are eating food? Is it only when you are hungry? I am sure the answer is ‘no’. This is one of the main reasons of diseases. Everyone might think eating when hungry is just a silly thing. But for our body it is the most important thing.

The whole functioning of our body is based on three main inputs; i.e. air, water and food. Just think, oxygen is the unavoidable necessity of our body, but if excess oxygen is entered into body what will happen?  Sometimes even death can happen. This is a sudden reaction and we know and notice it. But the fact is that we cannot take excess oxygen naturally.

The same is for water and food. Excess intake of water and food will surely affect the health of body badly. That means if you are taking water and food without an indication of body, then it is just a waste to body and not nutritious or energetic as everyone think. This is in the case of natural organic inputs, then what will be the case if the inputs are adulterated and impure? What will be our body’s condition?