An experience of Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery shared in Roshasangamam

Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery, a famous well known personality for his naturopathic, natural healing and health-restoring philosophy. Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery, son of Mr. Vadakkanchery chacko paulose and Mrs. Annie paulose. He was born on 2nd December 1961 in Malipuram, Vypeen Island, Cochin.

In 1980, Dr.Jacob Vadakkanchery joined the Gandhian Movement. He is the founder and director of nine Nature Life Hospitals in Kerala which was established in 1998 by Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery.

“Aruvi” is the natural food restaurant opened and managed by Dr. Jacob and is running since 1996. He has also introduced eco-friendly products named “Kuruvi” since 1987. He also started a health magazine for education and health awareness named “Sujeevitham”. Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery became the first recipient of “The Spirit of Assissi National Award” in 1995 for his social service.

Presently Dr.Jacob is the Indian coordinator for Peace Brigades International. He is the joint secretary of Ghandi Peace Foundation in Cochin, and chairman of Janarogya Prasthanam (People’s Health Movement) in Kerala. It is a movement created to fight against the malpractice of modern medicine. He is the editor and publisher of Nature Cure Magazine, as well as the chairman and the founder of Swasraya Vypeen.

“Roshasangamam” is an event created to protest against Medical Injustice. Janarogya Prasthanam is conducting this event “Roshasangamam”. The first meeting was held on 25th June 2013. This is the second get together of ‘Roshasangamam’ held on 16th July 2013.

Here, Dr. Jacob is sharing one of his many experiences that is related to his hospital. Many patients are suffering from many health problems that are related to unwanted surgeries and operations. Most operations and surgeries that are done in hospitals are just unwanted. The main problem is the diagnosis. Today, in most cases the diagnosis is completely wrong and thus the treatment becomes wrong. This will affect the patient’s complete health. So make right choice of your treatment.

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