Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery; A bang against medical injustice – “Roshasangamam”

“Roshasangamam” is an event created to protest against Medical Injustice. Janarogya Prasthanam is conducting this event “Roshasangamam”. The first meeting was held on 25th June 2013. This is the second get together of ‘Roshasangamam’ held on 16th July 2013. Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery is delivering a speech about his experience and about Kerala Healthcare. Now the healthcare is just a money making process and nothing else. Most of the medical practitioners had forgotten their medical ethics. Their aim is to impose medicines to patients without correct diagnosis or checking. Most of the surgeries and operations done in hospitals are unwanted surgeries and operations. There are lots of medicines and tablets which are banned but still they are used in hospitals and doctors even prescribe them to their patients. Hospitals are destroying the public by looting their health and wealth by imposing wrong and unwanted treatments.

Dr. Rahul, who is a government doctor, was the highlight of this programme. His father R. Vijayakumar, a former journalist was the victim of healthcare business. He went to the hospital for curing a fever and discharged from hospital after three months, after spending 15 lakhs, on a stretcher. Dr. Rahul is now fighting against this medical negligence. There are lots who have been cheated by the hospitals in Kerala. All have made hand in hand under ‘Roshasangamam’ to fight against this injustice.

To avoid this looting and cheating each one of you should awaken. Each person is responsible for their own health. So it is your duty to protect yourself. First you should be aware of your own body and health. You should know which treatment you should take when affected by a disease. When a doctor gives you a medicine, make clear about what you are going to eat, know the contents of the medicine. Make sure it is not a banned medicine. It is your right, make use of it.