First be a true believer Saraswathy Vidyanikethan School part 6 of 12

Why we are eating food? For whom we are eating food? If you know the answer then you are right. The fact is that no one even thinks about this. Everyone is eating as a routine by looking at the clock. No one knows the needs of their body.

Our education ruins us. Everything comes under education, students study every subject, language, history, geography, physics, mathematics, biology, zoology, but no education gives the insight how to live in this world. No education gives the knowledge to look after their body.

Every region has its own climatic condition, its own culture, its own food and everything that suits the locality. The living beings residing there should live according to the ambiance, and then only they can continue in a healthy state of body and mind.

Each and every religion is based on the well-being of human beings but now everything is altered. No one knows the substance of their religion. For example, if we take the case of temples in Kerala, each one is specialized in curing each disease. The sacred food or God’s mercy from each temple is meant to cure a particular disease. In case of Sabarimala temple and Palani temple, the sacred food cures almost all diseases because that sacred food contains medicinal values. In the same way each temple is famous for its own specialities.

The most important thing is the mind. It is the most powerful thing. Actually body inhibits in mind not mind in body. Body and mind are related to each other. Only a perfect mind can maintain a perfect body and only a perfect body can maintain a perfect mind. So believe in yourself. You have the power to maintain your body healthily but the first thing is that you have to be a perfect true believer.