How a mother become nuisance to her child Saraswathy Vidyanikethan School part 3 of 12

The connection between mother and child is profound and deep. Mother really cares for her child. Then how can a mother become nuisance for her child?

Now we have a fast busy life. Everyone is busy in building their own life. Education has become an inseparable need of life and it only worth when one becomes the topper in every step of education. Basic qualification is not valuable in our society. Every parent wants their child to be the topper in every class and thus a competition arises in between the parents. This is the main issue faced by a child during his school life.

Every child is unique and will have a unique quality. No one cares about his unique potential. One may be weak in studies but will glow in some other co-curricular activities, but due to the pressure from the society parents are forced to neglect the unique quality of the child and force him to concentrate in studies only. The ultimate result is that the child is supposed to take all the pressure for maintaining his parent’s status. This is the time when the parents become nuisance to a child.

Here what is the importance of a mother? Of course mother plays an important role in everyone’s life. Earlier mother was just a mother, she was not an employee, and she was not a society lady. Mother was just interested in her child’s welfare, she was so caring and she gave most importance to the health of her child, everything other was in second priority, even education. She was bothered about his food, his cleanliness and his overall health.

Nowadays mother have changed. She is not only a mother, she is an employee, and a society lady too. She has to keep up her family status. For that her child should be a topper in every field, for that she always torture the child but she is less bothered about his health.