Joint Pain | Wear and Tear (theymanam) | Get easy relief | Mohanan Vaidyar

According to Mohanan Vaidyar, joint pain and wear and tear is a just a creation of modern medical science to make money. Actually most of the joint pain is related to some other problems in body but in most of the cases these problems are not diagnosed correctly. So wrong treatment is given to the patients and this makes the condition more worst. So when you have pain in any part of your body, first try to find out the correct reason for that pain and then only start the treatment.

Most of the joint pain in body is related to varicose problems. If you have a pain starting from neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, then stiffness of fingers, backache, leg pain, knee pain, muscle pain and for ladies if all these comes in one side of body then they will have a problem with the ovary in that side, that might be a cyst. Now these symptoms lead to the disease Internal Varicose.

For ladies having internal varicose will suffer from severe breast pain during their period time and if they have severe stomach pain then they might be having cyst in ovary. Sometimes nerves will be seen tangled on breast along with pain. If you go to a hospital for treating this problem then it is sure that they will judge this disease as a cancer. But this can be treated very simply, says Mohanan Vaidyar.

For that the life style and food habit should be changed first. Go for organic food. Do not eat from outside. Prepare food in home and that should be completely organic that means there should not be any chemicals or pesticides in food.

After changing life style you can massage your body which will resolve the issue completely. The massage should be traditional massage, one hour massage with oil then another one hour kizhi and another one hour put medicinal paste where you have pain. You can find the details of traditional massage in our older post. Part 1 and Part 2