Nattuvaidyam | Natural Cure for all Eye Problems and Irritations | Mohanan Vaidyar

For all eye problems like irritation, itching, short sightedness or some other problems, this medicine is very effective. This is a traditional treatment used to be done by Vaidyans (traditional medics). Now this is shared to the public by Mohanan Vaidyar.

How to prepare the medicine?

  • Take juice of  Marsilea quadrifolia leaves.
  • Take juice of flower of Tabernaemontana Corymbosa (East Indian Rosebay) with five petals. Do not use the thread (strand) inside the flower.
  • Mix the two juices together.
  • Take 5 cumin seeds. Then grind this seed into the juice. Do not use water.
  • Take the juice, only the pure juice, and then pour two drops into each eye twice a day. You can continue this for seven to eleven days.
  • Before pouring this medicine to your eyes it is good to clean the eyes with your own urine.

This medicine is good for improving the sight, curing wound in eyes, itching etc. When you have a problem with your body always try to solve that problem with natural remedies. Natural remedies are nature’s cure and so it is reliable. Allopathic medicines are faster in giving results but remember that they are also faster is giving side effects too. When saying side effects it is very easy but these side effects can make your body a big zero. This means continuous use of allopathic medicine will destroy your organs one by one.

Nowadays Ayurvedic medicines are also not reliable. They contain preservatives which are completely harmful for body and will destroy liver very easily. Sometimes Allopathy medicines are given in the name of Ayurvedic medicine.

So it is good to plant some medicinal plants in your surroundings. It will help you to solve your health problems before it becomes a major issue. You are a part of nature so be the part of nature always.