The Way the cancer comes Saraswathy Vidyanikethan School part 8 of 12

Everything sold outside is adulterated. Adulterated foods are impure, unsafe and unhealthy. Normally adulteration in food is done for financial gain. The result is that common people are either cheated or become victims of diseases. Rice, vegetables, meat, fish all are adulterated to be stored for days, months and years. All these adulterated food causes cancer and other major diseases. This is the way cancer comes. So eat pure food which is not adulterated or preserved. For preserving food for days and months some chemicals are used which is very harmful for our health.

Everything is produced artificially. Have you thought how these fruits and vegetables stay for months without getting spoiled? If we keep ripe mango or any other ripe fruit in our home, it will not stay for more than three, four days. Most of the diseases happen because of food habit. Pesticides and hormones are used in fruits and vegetables for more yields.

Meat and chicken are equally harmful. They are preserved using chemicals. Chickens are produced by giving hormones to hen. Fish contains ammonia that is added into ice for keeping ice without melting for longer period and these ices are used in fish.

Essences and flavors are widely used in food items. There is essence for everything. Milk, chocolate, biriyani, vanilla, mango juice, coconut oil, pista, apple, pine apple etc. and these essences are petroleum products.

To be a healthy person one must avoid all these things because what you eat is what you are. One should select wholesome and non-adulterated food which is essential for daily life to make sure that they do not cause any health hazard. But the fact is that it is not possible to ensure wholesome and pure food by visual examination. So it is better to avoid food from outside. Search for organic and pure vegetables and other food items.