Traditional Massage and Kizhi | Effective Treatment for your body | Mohanan Vaidyar – Part 1/2

This is a traditional massage practiced by traditional medics. This massage is followed by three important steps. Here, this massage is explained by Mohanan Vaidyar.

The first step is to massage the body with oil. The oil can be any type but make sure that it is pure because most of the oils available in shops contain liquid paraffin. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil or any oil that is pure. This is first applied on body and then massaged as shown in video. The massage should be repeated for at least twenty five times in one area, and then it will be more effective. After finishing doing massage wipe the oil from body using a cotton fabric. So, the massage itself will take at least one hour to be completed. Then go for the next step.

The second step is to heat the body. This is the important part in this traditional massage. To heat the body, Kizhi is used.

How to prepare Kizhi

  • Take a cotton fabric.
  • Put a mixture of ‘paruthi pinnakku’, cedrus deodara, lesser galangal, garlic, mustard and bark of moringa stem.  Then tie it.
  • Take a vessel as shown in video and pour almost a litter of water and place the Kizhi inside it and steam it. Then apply on body as shown in video.

Kizhi is the most important part of the whole massage.

Massage is good for

  • Body stiffness.
  • Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Elbow pain, joint pain, backache and body pain.
  • Menstrual pain
  • Ovary cyst and fibroid
  • Black dots on body and face
  • Sugar
  • Breathing problem
  • Spondylitis
  • Neurovascular disorders
  • Low blood circulation

This is a pure traditional massage and not a professional massage. The benefit of this massage is that you can continue your daily routines after doing this massage that means you can go to school or college or office after doing this. But if you undergo professional massage then you should take rest.