What is actual Diabetes Saraswathy Vidyanikethan School part 5 of 12

Actually what is diabetes? We have seen that if glucose that is converted from the food is bad then the best quality controller pancreas will not give insulin to that glucose. The cells can absorb glucose only if it is given by insulin. The bad glucose that is rejected by pancreas is automatically gone out of the body through urine. That’s why diabetic patients urinate 4, 5, times at night. Pancreas is getting bad glucose; it is rejected and is gone out through urine. When this process continues cell is forced to take the glucose that were stored earlier in body. After some days the stored glucose comes to an end bur still same process is happening in body. So then body gets tired, the person feel tiredness, thirsty, hungry and goes to hospital to consult a doctor.

What does the doctor do? Of course he will direct the patient to a lab to check the level of glucose in blood. The level might be between 200 to 300, but what does this level actually shows? It shows the amount of glucose that was rejected by pancreas because it was bad glucose and can harm the cells.

You show this result to the doctor. Doctor then gives you medicine. From here onwards you become a diabetic patient because the medicine given by the doctor makes you a diabetic patient. Do you know what does the medicine do in your body? “You are eating bad food that’s why i am rejecting the glucose, change your diet” this was the message given by your body. By refusing to hear the message you ended up in taking medicine.

Now the medicine enters into your body then forces the pancreas to accept the glucose that was rejected by it. Due to the compulsion of the medicine, pancreas is forced to pass the bad glucose by giving insulin to them. When insulin is given to the bad glucose, cells are forced to accept the bad glucose. Thus each and every organ will get affected. First legs are affected. Numbness will occur in legs because lots of pressure is needed to pump blood back from legs. Then numbness in hands, eye sight decreases, muscle weakness and every organ is affected because energy for whole body is got from what you eat. This is diabetes.

So eat pure food and be healthy.