Wheat and wheat products are harmful for diabetic patients Saraswathy Vidyanikethan School part 4 of

Our body is created by a single cell. That cell is divided into number of cells and is grouped into different organs to create the whole body. In every second number of cells are died and new cells are created. New cells are created by the energy that is got from the food eaten. So the food you eat should be pure then only a pure body can be created.

To ensure the quality of food that is taken inside, body has different quality controllers posted in different areas of body. The first quality controller is eyes. The food is checked by eyes whether it is impressive or not. If it is good to see then only it is accepted to eat.

The next testing is done by nose. It was attractive but smells bad throw it away, says nose; only if it smells tasty and good then only accepted by body.

Another quality controller is tongue. It tastes the food and if the taste is bad then not allows getting inside body. Next one is throat. If something bad is inside the food that was unnoticed, then it is spit out without allowing it to go inside.

Another important quality controller is stomach. If the food contained toxins or chemicals or something other which is bad for health, then immediately it is thrown out of body by vomiting or loose motion.

The final test is done by the most important quality controller and that is pancreas. Any type of food excluding water and air is converted into glucose. This glucose is checked by pancreas whether it is good or not. Insulin is given to only good glucose and is accepted by cells. If the glucose is bad then it is rejected by pancreas and is gone out of body through urine and thus a diabetic patient is produced.

So it is clear that digestion is an important process and if digestion is not correct it affects whole body process. So people living in Kerala should eat what is cultivated in Kerala. According to the climate and the place of living, the body is working. Wheat is not cultivated in Kerala; so wheat and wheat products are not good for people living in Kerala.